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Out of the Box Models

Out of the box, LIFT includes sample models built from publicly accessible data. These models illustrate what a company or organization can do when AI and advanced analytics are native to your system of record. As with every model it is up to the user to determine if the model is appropriate for your needs. If not, LIFT provides the tools to build AI using your own data.

Customer Health Model

The Banking and Lending, Customer Health model helps marketing and relationship management staff identify their strongest customers. They can use this score to align customers with campaigns that offer lending, cash flow management, saving, credit score tracking, financial education, and/or other financial services.

Lead Scoring Model

The Small Business Loan, Lead Scoring model helps loan specialists and sales development reps focus on the most promising small business loan leads. It uses a very small set of information from the prospective borrower to help create a preliminary view of which deals can get done.

Loan Application Risk Model

The Small Business Loan, Application Risk model helps lenders assess the likelihood an applicant will pay the loan in full. This AI algorithm demonstrates the use of credit data, financials and application data. This type of model can help a lender create a new digital channel & create new products.

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