Using social intelligence and advanced analytics to navigate

Using social media analytics to extract value from unstructured data

Industries accustom to handling large volumes of data, such as the Financial Services sector and the Intelligence Community, are grappling with extracting value from unstructured data. They are used to structured data…but not so good at the unstructured stuff…and are just beginning to understand the uses of social media.

We have found that our clients want to use social media and other unstructured data to establish a better relationship with their customers – and in the case of national security organizations, unstructured data can be one more piece to putting the puzzle together. But our clients face two barriers – one is extracting the meaningful message and two is understanding the context of the message.

Social media analytics and AI need context

2River’s LIFT platform contains a suite of software models that live in the cloud and constantly monitor public social media relevant to our clients – this is based on where, when and what conversations are happening. 2River’s data models clusters popular and associated terms together. Our software then infers the context of the message by categorizing the content of the unstructured data into over fifty topics, to include work, leisure, home activities, achievements, money, religion. To then begin understanding the customer’s view on these topics we score the information to reflect positive and negative sentiment. While natural language processing remains highly imperfect, by automating this process and conducting it continuously, we determine relative changes over time.

Our client’s then use this data to better understand their customers’ (and prospective customers’) expectations, appetite for new or premier services, and to identify dissatisfied customers with enough lead-time to intervene. Our clients also use this information as a forward looking source of competitive intelligence supported by data rather than guesswork.

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