LIFT Creates an Integrated Customer File

Does your customer data live in different data silos?

LIFT allows you to bring data together into an integrated customer file.

LIFT's flexible data model and API-based architecture allow companies to combine all the essential customer data from multiple systems into a single view (i.e, a single pane of glass).

LIFT unifies contact data, customer engagement data (e.g., product usage), contracts, opportunities, tasks, email communication, customer-surveys, and more. Sensitive information is encrypted at the field level for added security.

If you sell to both businesses and consumers, you can create and track opportunities with your consumer customers and opportunities with your business customers in the same system.

This data is searchable and viewable through map-based searches and by defining segments for customers of interest. This data can also be used to create new analytic dashboards and reports and to create predictive models of future customer behavior.

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