Gold’s Gym

Gold's Gym

Golds Gym franchisee uses LIFT to identify their most profitable customer segments and how to find more members like them!

When 2River did our first data segmentation is was an incredible eye-opener. We now know so much more about our most profitable and least profitable customers. It completely changed how we think about how we create content for attracting new members.

— Blair C. McHaney, Owner, Gold's Gym Wenatchee

About Golds Gym-Wenatchee

The Gold’s Gym brand began in 1965 in Venice Beach, California where the first gym was known as the “Mecca of bodybuilding”. Since that time this iconic brand has continued to evolve to meet its customers’ changing needs without ever abandoning the brand’s storied heritage.

Like so many corporate and franchise-owned Gold’s Gyms, the “Gold’s Gym-Wenatchee” clubs offer a range of products and services to meet their customers’ health and fitness needs. These include Group Exercise, Team Training, Yoga in addition to cardio, weights and more.

The Challenge

The Gold’s Gym Wenatchee clubs are consistently top performers across the Golds franchisees. Their success is due to strong leadership, motivated staff, a relentless focus on the customer experience and continuous improvement.

Gold’s Gym-Wenatchee relies mostly on 3rd party-vendors for their IT systems, to include for Voice of the Customer feedback. These systems are leaders in their category but only present a limited picture of the customer. Golds Wenatchee needed a way to see the full picture and determine how to engage with each of their customer segments.

Why 2River and LIFT

Gold’s Gym-Wenatchee partnered with 2River to use the LIFT platform to perform a diagnostic of their members and to design and run campaigns to retain and grow their membership base. LIFT’s “micro-service style” architecture made it easy to connect directly to and their billing system to pull all of their data together into a single view of the customer.

McHaney’s reaction to the LIFT system: “It completely changed how we think about how we create content for attracting new members.”.

LIFT enabled Gold’s Gym-Wenatchee to combine different data sources and easily access advanced analytics capabilities contained within the platform. LIFT includes models for lead scoring, opportunity scoring, customer upsell, product recommendations, churn prevention and prescriptive recommendations in marketing and sales.

The Benefits

Using LIFT Gold’s Gym-Wenatchee improved lead and opportunity conversion rates, customer retention rates, and overall customer lifetime value.

Their marketing and salespeople were able to focus on leads that look like current customers, identify customers likely to renew or churn, and see customers likely to buy premium-priced or additional products.

LIFT helped them address declining conversion rates (from marketing qualified lead to opportunity and opportunity to closed deal), longer and more unpredictable sales cycles and greater customer churn.

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